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The goal: Design a workplace without barriers that still felt personalized.

The unexpected design moments are courtesy of  JR Design Research Studio, the interior and architecture branch of the London design studio. Together with architecture firm JR, Ericnson and his team of designers transformed Cann’s formerly stodgy, cubical land into a stylish, open-plan office. The goal: To design a workplace without barriers that still felt personalized and private. In other words, the two firms wanted to create a totally modern office.

Of course, the modern workplace means something different for every company, says Jack, a senior designer at JR, who led the project. “Every office needs to be considered from grassroots,” he explains. “I think it is very important to understand the function and the needs first and then develop the design from there.” Curious to know more, we asked Strauss what it takes to actually be at the forefront of modern office design. Here he gives us a few guiding principles.

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Embrace Flexibility

Open-plan offices have gotten a bad rap. Look at a slew of recent studies and you’ll read that open-plan layouts lack privacy and invite an inundation of noise that is detrimental to not just our mental health, but our productivity as well. But the truth is, open-plan layouts aren’t the real problem—poorly designed open-plan offices are. Strauss says the design team avoided the pitfalls of the office du jour by creating a series of multi-functional breakout spaces that encourage employees to have alone time.

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The nature and type of technology office equipment needed by small businesses has changed over the last several years.

At one time, most small businesses had a big sheet of plywood mounted to a wall in a closet or storage room. On top of the plywood was all sorts of phone equipment and wiring. Recently, the traditional phone system has been performing a disappearing act.

Many small companies used to need a 19” rack to hold a half dozen or more servers. As business applications continue their shift to cloud-based offerings, many businesses only require a fraction of the number of servers they once had.

Partly because of this shift, the staple office equipment items that all small businesses need has also shifted. Here are ten types of equipment that small businesses now need.

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