If was to become the Finance Minister

If was to become the Finance Minister

The world is at a crossroads. A lot of different global events has made the energy crisis imminent; thus, the actions the next president takes are crucial. If I were a finance minister, I would take immediate measures to reduce oil dependence and move the world as rapidly as possible away from the inherent vulnerabilities associated with our current reliance on oil. The fastest, most efficient way to achieve this objective is utilizing alternate sources of energy. Coal!

Solutions have been proposed to the energy problem; most are far more environmentally friendly and diplomatically sound than the status quo. Increasing oil drilling, implementing tougher fuel economy standards, and utilizing alternate sources of energy would all have widespread implications.

After thorough analysis, however, only the last, coupled with a powerful change in diplomacy, will result in a real solution.

The time has come for everyone to strive in a concerted effort toward self-sufficiency. Only by setting new priorities on our policy agenda, by reducing our dependence on oil with alternate energy sources, can we as people cure our oil addiction and truly set us free. Therefore, as finance minister, I would take it upon my goal to become an inexorable force for the better; to inspire the citizens to work together toward this lofty goal of energy independence. If we

can find it within ourselves to embark upon such an audacious, remarkable, unconventional enterprise, we will surely be on course to create a more perfect union.