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In order to protect the driver and others on the road, an evaluation from a  Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, or Driver Evaluator, is required to get hand controls installed in your vehicle. We know you are eager to get behind the wheel and on the road so let us help you find a Driver Evaluation Specialist near you.

When the time comes to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van, there are many options to consider. Do you want a rear entry van or a side entry van? Do you want a full-size van or a minivan? What kind of hand controls are the best fit for you? Just like any type of vehicle, wheelchair-accessible vans can be a significant investment, and although we do offer plenty of budget-friendly options, we strive to find a vehicle to meet your budget and your accessibility needs. So, let’s figure out whether a full-size van or minivan is the right fit for you:

• Passenger/Cargo RequirementsCar of tomorrow
The number of passengers you would like to have in the van and the amount of equipment you will need to bring with you may dictate the size of your van. Full-size vans can hold more passengers than minivans. So, if you are looking to bring passengers, then a full-size van may be the best option. As for cargo, if you need a lot of cargo space or if the wheelchair user has additional medical equipment, then a full-size van may be a better option as well.

• Fuel Efficiency
In terms of fuel efficiency, minivans are a better option than full-size vans. So, if fuel efficiency is a big concern, a minivan may be the best the option.

• Ease of Access
Minivans can be better than full-size vans in terms of accessibility. Minivans typically have sliding doors which allow for easier access into the car than non-sliding doors. Some full-size vans do not have sliding doors which means that they require more room for vehicle entrance and exit. This should be taken into consideration for parking situations.

• Size of Wheelchair and Passenger
A large wheelchair may require a double-post lift. Full-size vans can accommodate this larger lift. So, if a double-post lift is needed, a full-size van may be a better option. For standard lifts, a minivan or full-size van is appropriate.

• Safety
For safety concerns, both vehicles are great. Both minivans and full-size vans provide safe transportation options for wheelchair users.

• Financing

For the financing, most dealerships offer great low interest loans for most vehicles, but is always safe to talk to your personal banker