What is disruptive design? Towards a catalogue of disruptions

Poster installation, INCLUDE conference, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, September 17th and 18th 2015

The research team have produced an interactive poster inviting delegates to share their ideas on disruptive design, whether such design is possible and how it can be accomplished. The poster will outline the key questions/issues and invite delegates to express their views on whether design can be disruptive. We will ask them two or more questions: what is disruptiveness in design? Where can we find such disruptiveness? We will tell people to be as precise as possible, and to give concrete examples. Our poster/installation will consist of a range of materials, from papers and pencils to building blocks and modeling compounds, which people are encouraged to use in order to create texts, drawings and assemblages that express their views of disruptive design, each photographed and displayed as part of a changing exhibition on a lap top computer to accompany the poster. The main purpose of the poster/installation is to function as a device for generating debate among the delegates about disruption and what it might (or might not) mean for inclusive design. As the participants engage with the materials, we will interact with them, asking sometimes deliberately provocative questions about disruptions and their wider implications for the design profession and the society more widely. Although we consider the poster/installation an experiment, whose outcome is still uncertain, we are particularly interested in fostering interdisciplinary exchanges among designers and sociologists, and consider the event an opportunity to engage in collaborative thinking around disruption, and inclusive design and its futures.