Moving On: accessible transport

We recently attended the Moving On event at Coventry Transport Museum, which was organised by Connect Culture, a community group that works on issues of accessibility and inclusivity in Coventry and Warwickshire. One of the highlights of the event was a roundtable discussion, where the panel members, all experts in the area of accessibility, shared their ideas and experiences of the current state of inclusive mobility and transport.

Although there was agreement over the historical advances made in accessible mobility and transport, the participants expressed concern over the present economic, political and social climate that shapes the everyday lives of disabled people. Welfare and transport cuts, regional inequalities in the provision of services and unhelpful attitudes among other users of public space were seen as real obstacles not only to inclusive transport but an inclusive society.

The event concluded with a presentation of the winners of a video competition aimed at under 25-year-old disabled people, who had been asked to make a video about their ideas of accessible transport. One of the winning videos dealt with the challenges that a dyslexic person might face when engaging with poorly designed bus stop signage. The video also offered a useful inclusive design solution in the form of a touchscreen device attached to the bus stop.