Designing our tomorrow by John Clarkson

Listen to John Clarkson’s talk at our ESRC seminar ‘Design for all’ and responding to the manifold nature of embodiment.


“New technology and products have the potential to improve quality of life. However, unless the technology is made available to everyone then it also has the opportunity to alienate. As many products continue to be designed to appeal to the younger generation, the lucrative and growing older market sector is being ignored and large sections of the population are being excluded.” These words were written in 2000 to describe the rationale behind a new joint research venture between the Royal College of Art and the University of Cambridge. This talk explores the question as to whether much progress has been made towards this goal in the intervening years. Advances in research, policy, education and practice will all be discussed, leading to the question of what happens next. Can we be assured that new technology and products will improve our quality of life as the world’s population ages?”